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Learning quran reading basics through online classes

Learn Quran Reading Basics

Learn Quran Reading Basics

Learn the basics of the Quran reading online with the best Quran tutors on the internet. Learn how to read Quranic Arabic letters, words, verses, complete surah, and eventually become able to read the whole Quran without mistakes

About Noor Al-bayan course

Noor Bayan is an excellent resource for those who want to read Quran from scratch.It provides step-by-step instructions on how to properly pronounce Arabic words and phrases,as well as helpful tips on understanding the context of each ayah (verse).Additionally,Noor Bayan also offers online courses that cover all aspects of reading and understanding the Quran,making it an ideal starting point for beginners looking to learn quran reading basics.

Learning to read the Quran is part of the Islamic faith.The Quran is a holy book for Muslims,and it contains many teachings about life and the world.Reading it can be difficult task for begginners,but with the right guidance,anyone can learn to read the Quran. NoorBayan provides an online platform that helps people learn quran from basic level to advanced level . Our books are written in easy language and contain detailed explanations of each verse that makes it earsier for readers to grasp the concepts quickly.So if you want to start your journey of learning quran reading basics,then Noor Bayan is your one-step destination.

Why taking this course ?

Learning to read the Quran is a spiritual journey that can bring immense rewards and blessings.It ia a source of guidance,comfort,and peace for Muslims around the world.

For begginners,it can be intimidating to learn how to read the Quran from scratch.Fortunately,there are several ways to get started with learning quran reading basics.By using Noor Bayan as an online learning platfrom or enrolling in a quran reading course,one can easily learn the fundamentals of quran reading and and begin their journey towards understanding its teachings.
Additionally,there are plenty of books available that provide step-by-step instructions on how to read the Quran from basic levels.With dedication and practice,anyone can learn how to read the Quran in no time!

Learing to read the Quran is an important part of becoming a Muslim.It is also a great way to improve your understanding of religion and its teachings.Reading the quran can be challenging,but with the right resources and guidance,anyone can learn to read it from basic level.

What you will learn in this course?

  • First lesson :
    - Arabic alphapets shapes.
    - the position of the letters.
  • Short voweles:
    - Vowel of Fatha.
    - Vowel of Kasrah.
    - Vowel of Damma.
  • Long vowels:
    - Madd with Alif.
    - Madd with Yaa.
    - Maad with Wow.
  • Sukoon

  • Tanween:
    - Tanween with fatha.
    - Tanween with Kasrah.
    - Tanween with Damma.
  • Shaddah:
    - Shaddah with Fatha.
    - Shaddah with Kasrah.
    - Shaddah with Dammah.
    - Shaddah with Tanween.
  • The provisions of the recitation of the Holy Quran.

  • Quranic drawing and spelling drawing .

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