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Learn Islam Online

Learn Islam Online

learn various Islamic studies including but not limited to pillars of Islam, Fiqh, Aqidah, Tafsir, Hadith, Dua (Supplication), Islamic Manners, and Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Stories of The Prophets in Quran.

About Islamic studies course

we offer an "Islamic Studies" course for both kids and adults.Age- appropriate levels of the program are taught by our verified & certified Islamic tutors.Our qualified Islamic teachers will help you to understand Islam religion.
Islamic studies have bacome an integral part of modern educational systems around the world. The subject is dseigned to care to the religious, social, cultural.
Islamic studies teach people about a Islamic studies teach people about a major religion from the Middle East that is practiced by over one billion people.

Islamic studies refer to the study of the Quran,Hadith and Islamic history,Fiqh and (serah)story of prophet Mohamed. These subjects are mainly taught in Bright Academy. Islamic studies are different from religious studies in that they are broader in scope and they cover a wider bodey of knowledge. Islamic studies also focus on how Islam can affect society- this aspect is not seen in religious studies. Islamic studies focus on preserving and interpreting the Quran, Hadith, history and culture. These aspects are essential for maintaining Islamic values in a contemporary context.

What you will learn

  • How to perform ablution and prayer.
  • Performance of the acts of worship.
  • The five pillers of Islam.
  • The story of Prophet Mohamed .
  • The Hadiths of the prophet (peace and blessing be upon him).
  • Islamic Manners and how to apply them to everyday life.
  • Duas ( supplications) for vaious situations.
  • Tafseer & Fiqh & Aqeedah of Islam.

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