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Embark on a fascinating journey to unravel the beauty of Quranic Arabic, forging a deeper connection with the timeless wisdom of the holy Quran. Our blog is your companion on this exploration, guiding you through effective learning strategies and shedding light on Tajweed, Noor Bayan, and the vast world of Quranic Arabic.


Welcome to our journey into the heart of Quranic education, where we unravel the intricacies of two foundational concepts: Noorani Qaida and Tajweed. Join us as we demystify their differences and understand the unique roles they play in the pursuit of mastering Quranic recitation


Why is the Quran only in Arabic?

Why do Muslims read the Quran in Arabic?
Is the Quran translated into different languages?
If so, what is the difference between the Arabic and the translated versions?
The Quran is only in Arabic. This is not to say that it cannot be translated, but the translation is not the same thing as the original text. However, the message of the oneness of God and confirming what one’s conscious already knows is available in all languages. Previous revelations were sent in the language of their people. We did not send any messenger but (speaking) in the language of his people, so that he might clearly convey the message to them (Quran 14:4).

The best way to learn Arabic for kids and adults

Nor al-bayan is the best way to learn the Arabic language for young children from abstract letters to reading words with different vowels .and then this takes him to learning Tajweed ,which are the rules make him read the Qur`an correctly.

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