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We are an online Academy to learn Quran, Arabic language and Islamic studies for kids and adults through online classes by Zoom, Skype, And other App. Bright Academy started to provide Arabic and Quran education through an interactive online environment a long time ago. We seek to provide all our students from all over the globe the opportunity to understand and excel at the Arabic language with regular practice that fits into their busy schedule All Courses for All Ages provides Quran, Islam, and Arabic classes for both kids and adults. We customize and personalize each course’s lessons based on the student’s age, knowledge, and abilities



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Allhamduillah classes have gone well for both of them (the daughter and his father )MashaaAllah Allahumma Barikk the teachers are excellent
InshaAllah we will like to continue classes .



Aleen my daughter ,will continue with her inshaaallaha she is very happy from the classes and she needs to learn more inshaallah.



she was very good teacher and will complete with the teacher inshallah.

Ravi Abozaid


Allhamdullah , the kids love her.



“Avivo has been wonderful. They have the best customer service and always go above and beyond to answer my questions and make sure my needs are met.”

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+20 01025853278
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